About Cosmetic Tattooing

What is cosmetic tattooing?

Cosmetic tattooing is the process of implanting coloured pigment into the dermis layer of the skin by means of tiny, sterile, disposable needles to produce the appearance of hair strokes, makeup, or to enhance the natural features of the face.

Does it hurt?

A topical anaesthetic cream and gel are used for numbing during your procedure. Pain thresholds vary from each individual person and every effort is made to ensure you remain comfortable for the entire procedure, however small amounts of discomfort is to be expected.

Which technique is best for me?

I recommend booking a consultation to discuss what you would like to achieve for your brows. I will be more than happy to offer my professional opinion regarding what would complement your facial structure. 

How long does it last?

Cosmetic Tattooing is intended to be semi-permanent lasting average 6-36 months. On rare occasion, the pigment may migrate under the skin. Fading after initial procedure is expected up to 50%, however a touch up is essential 6-8 weeks after to complete the procedure. Cosmetic tattooing requires ongoing touch ups to maintain results and pigment retention.

Do you touch up other brow artist's work?

Unfortunately, I will not be unable to “touch-up” another artist’s work unless the pigment has dramatically lightened. Touch up of other Brow Artist's work will be at the cost of a full price service.

What do I need to know before the procedure?

Skin may be sensitive, slightly swollen or red, so avoid social plans on the day of appointment.

Please note: Clients will be more sensitive during their menstrual cycle


4 weeks prior: Discontinue Retin-A (around the brow area)

2 weeks prior: Do not use AHA skincare products close to the eyebrow area. No Botox around the brow area

1 week prior: No Brow Tinting, Microdermabrasion or Chemical Peels. No Sun Exposure and Tanning

24 hours prior: No Exercise. No alcohol or caffeine. No Aspirin or Blood Thinning medication. No Niacin, Fish Oil & Ibuprofen

What do I need to know after the procedure?

You will need to keep the brows dry for the next 7-10 days. For the next 2 weeks no makeup on the brow area, no exercise or excessive sweating, no swimming pools, beach or saunas. You will need to ensure that the area may form scabs, so no picking at the brows, give them time to heal. Avoid sun exposure to the brows. It will be a love, hate relationship with the brows after treatment during the healing stage but trust the process! 

What are the contraindications for the procedure?

  • High blood pressure or heart conditions

  • Taking blood-thinners such as aspirin or similar medication

  • Diabetes

  • Pregnant or lactating

  • Active Herpes

  • Certain skin conditions eg, dermatitis, eczema etc. 

  • Taking steroids such as Cortisone, Accutane or Retin-A

  • Allergy to makeup

  • Active cancer or undergoing chemotherapy 

  • Susceptibility to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation

  • Hypertrophic scarring or keloids

  • Blood disorder

  • Under the age of 18





Depositing pigment into your brows whilst creating hair-like strokes with a hand blade tool. I recommend this treatment for filling in gaps and sparse hairs. Suitable for dry to normal skin types only. Lasting effects 6-24 months depending on lifestyle and skin type.


Ombré Powder Brows

Applying semi-permanent makeup with a PMU machine that gives the effect of a powdered finish look to your brows to fill in sparse hairs or bald patches. Suitable for all skin types, especially oily. Lasting effects 1-3 years depending on lifestyle and skin type.