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Cosmetic Tattoo Saline Removal

The studio offers advance cosmetic saline removal with the best product in the world Li-FT. The product is a non-acid, high salt based, fruit seed extract saline lightening product. The service can give fast lightening results, but can vary between one to multiple sessions. 

The wait time between sessions 8 weeks, as the skin will take 6 weeks to be fully healed.

Why Saline Removal over Laser?

Both can be amazingly effective and provide the results you are hoping for. Saline and laser couldn't be more different, so how do you know which method would be best and most effective for you and your particular case. 

1. Laser pushes pigment down deeper into the body, to be removed by the lymph and waste system. When the pigment is pushed back into the body, it is recognised as waste by the body and eliminated through sweat, urine and feral matter. (blistering can occur during healing process)

Saline works by Osmosis meaning it moves pigment up and out of the body by the way of the epidermal crust. (saline does not cause blistering)

2. Laser wavelengths are restricted and limited to what colour it can or cannot remove. 

Li-FT saline solution does not recognise colour, it will enact the process of osmosis and start moving it upward out of the skin.


3. Laser can permanently remove brow hair, whereas saline will not affect your eyebrow hair at all.


4. Tattooing skin after it has been layered is often unsuccessful. 

Li-FT saline removal tends not to affect the skin in this way if proper techniques are applied and any plans to re-do the procedure or tattoo is successful. 

5. Laser notoriously does not remove white (titanium dioxide) or will turn it black or grey. 

Li-FT saline removal does not recognise colour but rather pigment uniformly so it can be highly effective in removing all colours including white. 

6. Laser cannot be used around the eyes. 

Li-FT saline removal solution is safe and effective in removing poorly done eyeliner tattoo. 

7. Laser cannot be used on the lips. 

Li-FT saline solution is safe and effective in removing poorly done lip tattoos.

8. Laser is quite painful whereas saline removal procedure can be uncomfortable, but it is tolerable for many and only slight discomfort for some. 

9. Laser is perfect for large areas whereas saline removal does remarkably well on small tattoos such as cosmetic face tattoos. 

How long will it take to lighten?

How many sessions it will take to lighten within procedure will depend on many different variables. It's impossible to predict how many sessions you will need, although many times we achieve amazing results in just one to two sessions, its not uncommon for certain procedures to take up to four to six sessions to reach the lightening result wanted. 

A list of variables that will play a determining factor in the process of saline lightening procedures:

1. The more layers of pigment, the longer it can take

2. Titanium can prolong the process.

3. The deeper the pigment the longer the process can take. 

4. The more saturated the area is the more sessions it will take.

5. It can take more sessions on thicker skin than thinner skin. 

6. It can take more sessions with oily skin and less sessions with dry skin.

7. Sometimes we do not have to lighten all the pigment and that can allow us to get the result we want in fewer sessions. 

8. Some clients heal better than others.

9. Ensuring following the correct protocol, can enhance better results in fewer sessions. 

What is Emergency Removal?

Is a procedure to lift, lighten and potentially remove a poorly done Cosmetic Permanent Makeup or small body tattoo procedure within 48 hours of being done. 

Please note : The "Emergency Removal" lightening technique is performed without any use of needles and will need to be done within 48 hours while the skin is wounded, so the Li-FT solution can absorb the pigment out of the skin.

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