All about the BROWS

Embrace your brows


Brow Lamination

Is designed to straighten the brow hair resulting in an instantly full, lifted and fluffy brow for up to 6 weeks. Brow tint is included with treatment. 


Brow Sculpt

Involves designing a specific brow shape that defines your brow. It includes a wax, tweeze and trim of the brow hairs. It will have your brows in shape for up to 4-6 weeks.


Brow Tint

Brow Tint: Consists of adding richly pigmented brow tint with a slight skin stain lasting up to 7 days and up to 4 weeks on the brow hair. 

Hybrid Tint: Is an innovative gel dye with similar intense and long-lasting effects as Henna. It is highly pigmented, stains sparse brows and suits most skin types. Stains the skin up to 10 days and the brow hair up to 8 weeks.